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3 Signs You Need a Website Redesign


3 Signs You Need a Website Redesign

Although it is certainly appealing and sometimes easy to start anew, discretion and caution when it comes to completely revamping your website is needed. Websites, over time, have functionality and designs outdated. Migrating all of your content, images, and videos could also be a lot of work. Lastly, starting fresh with a new website redesign takes time, money, and effort. Before you consider investing in a new website redesign, here are three signs you need one in the first place.

Sign #1: Users are not completing your call to actions/aren’t converting

Low number of page visits? You may need a website redesign.
Low number of page visits? You may need a website redesign.

Websites are built for a reason. Either to sell products, share information, or provide a utility.  There are surprisingly many people who build websites without specific goals in mind, making it hard to track their actual return on investment.

Ask yourself, are you getting the results you would expect from your website? What is your goal exactly? To get visitors to sign up for a services? To complete a form or sign up for a newsletter? Are people leaving your websites after a few seconds of arriving?

If you don’t know the answer to most of these questions, it’s time to get familiar with Google Analytics!

Google Analytics is one of the best ways to track your website performance. If you haven’t set this up on your website already, let us know. It’s simple to do and will offer you great insight into what is performing well and what is not performing so well. If you’ve already got call to actions, content that people are sharing and viewing often, and no major performance issues with the site, it might definitely be time for a website redesign.

Sign #2: Your website isn’t mobile responsive

“The average consumer checks his or her smartphone 46 times a day, and in the US, people do this a collective 8 billion times every 24 hours” – AppAnnie

Mobile internet use makes up the lions share of internet traffic. If your website glitches out or looks stretched/distorted on a mobile device, this is a huge red flag. KB Works could provide a mobile responsive website redesign or work with your current layout and make sure it is ready for the new age of mobile devices.

Sign #3: Your website takes more than three seconds to load

Internet users are becoming more accustomed to instant gratification and your website has to be able to load quickly or face high abandonment rates. Three seconds may not seem like much, but in 2017 study by Kissmetrics, 40% of users left a website if it took too long to load.

Website redesigns are not necessarily about making the website just “look better”. It’s about helping you convert visitors into customers, get more sign ups, and get more traffic. While a beautifully designed website is great, without function, form just becomes an obstacle. When redesigning a website make sure you are spending just as much time focused on user experience and functionality as you are on the aesthetic of your site.

Still not sure if you need a new website redesign ? We can help!

Let us take a look and perform a quick audit of your site. We’ll give you our honest opinion on what your sites got going for it and where it could use some improvement.

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