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3 Tips For Better Business Writing


3 Tips For Better Business Writing

Business writing is all about how you present yourself, but for a lot of people it’s an afterthought or just “corporate talk”. You take care with your behavior and your appearance when you’re at work, right? Well, your writing should be treated with the same attention to detail. Your writing should also reflect your brand voice, and present information is a clear, concise way. Here are three essential tips to get you started on the path to better business writing.





Business writing tip #1: Be concise


As great as it is sometimes to read George RR Martin style literature, don’t use three adjectives to describe something where just one will do. It’s better to carefully select specific action words than to pile on extras in an attempt to make your point. People have short attention spans, and respond better to clear writing. Precision is one of the most important qualities of good business writing, especially when you’re just one of thousands of other things competing for your readers time. If you’re not sure if your writing is overly descriptive or long, although it could be uncomfortable, have a few other trusted friends and colleagues to give it a read through and give you their honest opinion.


Business writing tip #2: Be cooperative


Getting another person to proofread your pieces of writing before you send them off to clients or post them online should be an integral part of your workflow. The longer you work on something, the harder it becomes to spot mistakes in your own work. Invest in a great partner or team to revise and check your work, and reciprocate by doing the same for them.


Business writing tip #3: Be consistent


Whether you’ve decided to use the Oxford comma or not, make sure that whatever you do decide, you’ll be consistent about it. Figure out and create a branding/writing rules sheet that you keep with you with general rules like when and how will I capitalize things like titles, writing sections, etc. People, believe it or not, notice these small things, so  if you’re going to do something, make sure to stick with it and reinforce your brand.


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