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5 Copywriting Tips For More Engagement


5 Copywriting Tips For More Engagement

With all of the pressure in the industry to produce, produce, produce content, it’s easy to get lost in the mess of it all and forget the essential purpose of copywriting: to effectively present and inform the reader on a subject. The way to best do this has changed throughout time, but some things have remained the same as well. Below are some copywriting tips to help you write better content.



Copywriting Tip #1: Step into your reader’s shoes

To create and write great content, you need to understand where users need help, what questions are really on their minds, and where their questions and thoughts will lead to as you write. Doing some research on your target readers and knowing their specialties and demographic helps in better understanding where they’re coming from mentally. It’s good to refresh your memory and keep tabs on the latest trends and behaviors of your audience to keep your messaging fresh and effective.







Copywriting Tip #2: Reflect your brand

Everything you write and post is part of the greater whole: your company brand. What is your brand’s voice? What does your brand stand for and what are its values? All of these things will determine how you write and what your stance are on certain things. Before you write, channel the inner brand and remember the persona that your readers will expect or want.








Copywriting Tip #3: KISS

Remember that  acronym you learned in school? Keep It Simple, Sally, Sam, Stupid, whatever. The important thing is that like many cliche saying, they tend to be true. The more concise and simple your message is, the better. Keep your vocabulary sophisticated yet simple, sentences meaningful yet short, and vocabulary evolving but not overwhelming.




I wonder what she’s thinking…


Copywriting Tip #4: A picture (or video) says a thousand words

Humans are visual creatures and react more strongly and prefer media such as images or video over walls of text any day. Hence the rise of video media and platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, and IGTV. Supplement your writing with funny and informative images and videos to balance the scales of informative words (left brain) and creative, emotion inspiring imagery (right brain)




Copywriting Tip #5: Implement the scientific method to everything, even writing

Ever heard of A/B testing? It’s not just some marketing technique to sell more goods or improve a webpage. You can  a hypothesis like “I think this message will resonate more with viewers because it’s about X, but I also think it may drive people away because it’ll make the text longer”. You create version A of a written piece (that includes the thing you’re testing) and version B (or the control). Share these two different versions with your audience and see which one performs best. Prove, or disprove, your hypothesis and constantly test what content resonates more.


We hope these copywriting tips help! Share with all your friends and colleagues.

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Kelvin Betances
  • alson
    Posted at 3:28 PM, April 24, 2020

    am designing a logo for a government program called Home Orientation Management, any tips on starting?

  • Thomas Carney
    Posted at 6:55 AM, May 4, 2020


    Content is king. It’s amazing to read this article you have to describe great features.

    keep sharing great articles.

    Thomas Carney

  • Amanda Hayward
    Posted at 2:41 PM, September 22, 2020

    All the tips are super amazing and helpful, Thanks guys for sharing with us.
    These are the most important that we must understand and aware of it!

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