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Best SEO Strategies For 2023


What exactly does developing an SEO strategy entail? Content creation? Link building? Social media? Over the past years, the SEO world has really been turned on its head and back again. Google and other tech companies are constantly updating and changing their search algorithms. For a lot of people, both digital marketers and website owners, a lot of questions are surfacing about what an SEO strategy really is and what the best SEO strategies for 2023 are.




The Best SEO Strategies for 2023: SEO Facts vs. SEO Myths

Well, the truth about SEO is that what was important yesterday can quickly become irrelevant today. Why? How Google decides to update their search engine ranking algorithms is constantly changing and getting more efficient. At times certain factors, like say the number of backlinks you have, may or may not be  as important. If you rely heavily on your website for business leads, which is most likely the case, you would want to make sure your website is in tip-top shape and well optimized. But how do you know what to invest in and what can be tossed aside?

The objective of this post is to I’m going to dispel some of the most major SEO myths and clarify the facts to bring to light a few of the foremost SEO techniques to help you find an SEO strategy (or a digital marketing agency) that can and will actually help you and your business.

Link Building


Links to and from your website are a critical component of any SEO strategy, but not everyone understands how they work or how to leverage them correctly.

How does back linking/link building work exactly?  One factor of Google’s search algorithm determines your site’s authority by counting the number of incoming links to a certain page.not only that, but who is linking to you is also another factor. For example, if you own a small auto repair shop and run a blog and Ford shares a link on their blog to your post, that’s an amazing link reference to have! However, if say a random clothing store links to your auto shop, that link wont be weighted as heavily towards your site’s authority on cars and auto than the Ford link. Regardless, there is a complex system of factors that make one link more valuable than another.

Don’t be fooled with services and opportunities like getting listed in a random directory, paid links, and press releases. These services are supposed to build you links, but unfortunately many of these solicitations are “hacky” techniques and outdated strategies that will damage your site, not help it. They focus on quality rather than quality.

Don’t get fooled by SEO professionals still using antiquated tactic. Implement a link building strategy that is current, effective, and gets the okay from Google.


Content Strategy


The more content the better…. right? Nope. As a matter of fact, one of the key activities of SEO strategies in 2023 and a quality digital marketing agency is to identify content that is hurting your site’s search engine rankings and make recommendations for improving it, up to and including removing it completely.

So, how can content be bad? It’s a complicated topic, but the main issue is user engagement. Part of Google’s search algorithm determines how relevant your site is by its clickthrough and bounces rates. Are people actually clicking your link in the search results, and when they do, do they immediately hit the back button, or do they move further into the site? How much time are they spending time on your site? What does your site content look like and how is it structured? Is it all text or does it have a healthy mix of images and videos with SEO tags?

You need to invest in good content. Anything else will lower your site in the search rankings.



Social Strategy


Social media, whether you love it or hate it, is another important factor in SEO. In addition to being a good medium for link building, a good social strategy is what helps you distribute your content to users, which leads to links, more site visits, more user engagement, and thus potential buyers and users. Social media if often neglected becuase it’s not really the ideal place to directly engage people with offers and sales. The point is to establish yourself and your website as an authority and let people know your an expert. You want your posts to be so good that they’re shared  and people will be willing to come back next time you post another blog post, tweet, status update, or video.

A true SEO team should be marketing, web, UX, and social media experts all rolled into one. It takes a huge breadth of knowledge and experience to be effective at SEO. Therefore, why go at it alone? Let KB Works help you out.

Have questions about an SEO strategy for 2023 for your website? Leave them in the comments below or contact us. We’d love to talk about getting your site to rank at the top!

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