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Website performance has become more important than ever in recent years. Providing a fast online experience is one of the best ways to retain website visitors, which in turn can lead to more conversions and sales. On the other hand, having a slow or non-mobile friendly website will result in a higher bounce rate and potential loss of sales. In this article, we’ll cover how...

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Deciding what kind of website you need is difficult. There are tons of factors and risks that come into play. Having a website nowadays is a no-brainer, every business, blogger, startup, or entrepreneur needs one. But how do you want it to look? What should it look like? What are the options available for creating it and how can you maintain it yourself with minimal...

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Website performance has become more important than ever in recent years. Specifically, a website's loading time is a big factor that dictates a website's success. In a previous post, we discussed why designing your website with loading times in mind is extremely important. Most users will abandon your website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Providing a fast web experience is one of...

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WordPress powers 28.4% of all websites on the internet and it's no wonder why. Wordpress is simple to use, has many robust and low cost capabilities, and requires very little coding to get up and started with a great looking website. Many from small business websites, artists, blogs, to giant media websites like TIME and CNN use Wordpress. But whether you build your own WordPress website...

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Although it is certainly appealing and sometimes easy to start anew, discretion and caution when it comes to completely revamping your website is needed. Websites, over time, have functionality and designs outdated. Migrating all of your content, images, and videos could also be a lot of work. Lastly, starting fresh with a new website redesign takes time, money, and effort. Before you consider investing in...

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