Wordpress Design & Development


Website performance has become more important than ever in recent years. Providing a fast online experience is one of the best ways to retain website visitors, which in turn can lead to more conversions and sales. On the other hand, having a slow or non-mobile friendly website will result in a higher bounce rate and potential loss of sales. In this article, we’ll cover how...

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What is Wordpress?   Wordpress is arguably one of the easiest and most powerful website content management system (or CMS) out there today. It's free to get started with, open source, and has a wide host of capabilities and extensions that take it much further than just a simple CMS or blogging platform. What really makes Wordpress great are the vast options of plugins. Plugins are modular...

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Deciding what kind of website you need is difficult. There are tons of factors and risks that come into play. Having a website nowadays is a no-brainer, every business, blogger, startup, or entrepreneur needs one. But how do you want it to look? What should it look like? What are the options available for creating it and how can you maintain it yourself with minimal...

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