KB Works has productive relationships with massive, multinational corporations like Pfizer, Inc. So far, we’ve:

  • Developed a native iOS app in Objective-C and Swift called “EAMS on Demand” that helps manufacturing plant engineers search and request assets and maintenance parts. Engineers could also check maintenance schedules and order parts and assets needed to minimize maintenance downtime. EAMS on Demand is currently being used in over 80 worldwide Pfizer manufacturing sites and helps save Pfizer tens of thousands of dollars in cutting maintenance and surplus part expenses.
  • Assisted in the development and deployment of predictive machine learning models that determine cause and time to failure for production essential manufacturing units like air handlers. The models will help Pfizer save millions of dollars a year by helping optimize maintenance repairs and preemptively detect anomalies in performance that could stop or harm production.
  • Developed the mobile and web versions of the Finance On Demand system, Pfizer’s main financial reporting and accounting platform.
  • Developed Splunk based cyber security HTML dashboards to help Pfizer’s cyber security teams visualize and detect external intrusions and malware installations on employee devices.


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December 5, 2018


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