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Standard SEO Audit


Standard SEO Audit


A Standard SEO Audit:


Having the right keywords(words or phrases on the website) is very important, as they are the link between your website and potential viewers.

Initially, I take a look at different SEO data and see what keywords bring in the most visibility and traffic and which keywords are not already too saturated with content in the context of your website.

I also take a look at competitor and similar website data and see what keywords they optimized their website for.

The final goal and result is a list of keywords that would get you the maximum visibility on search engines and the highest ranking on a search result page. With this keyword list, we will be able to derive better ideas as to what wording/titles we should have on the website, what possible blog/article ideas we may want to create that caters to that keyword, and see what other related things people are searching for that we could better capitalize on and attract more website visits.



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  1. Kelvin Betances

    Another successful job completed by Kelvin. Always a pleasure to work with him. He get’s the job done well and done quickly.

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