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Behind every great company is a well though out, hard earned brand that was the result of a brand strategy. Your company brand is an abstract concept and consists of many moving parts and pieces. Essentially, your brand boils down to how your company acts, how your company looks, and what your company values are. Your brand is your DNA.

What’s involved exactly in creating a brand strategy? Well for starters, appearances such as your logo, social media icons and cover images, and user profile pictures are super important and having a high quality version of these will set you apart from your competitors. Who your target audience is will highly impact what all of the above things will look and feel like. Certain age groups and demographics expect or prefer certain styles, tones in writing, and various other preferences. Remaining consistent across all of your different social media and marketing platforms is also very important, as having a unified approach to marketing will further solidify your company’s brand and presence across the web.

We’ll help you create a brand strategy that fits your values and target demographic and take a holistic look at your company strategy and products/services and tie it all together in an organized, consistent style and strategy guide. Our logos process will help your business look professional and sleek.

Our branding strategy deliverables:

  • Graphic designs and icons
  • Logo design and creation
  • Social media graphical assets for all platforms
  • Style guides backed by industry research
  • Package and stationary design
  • And more.

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