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Content marketing is the foundation of any social media, SEO, and digital marketing strategy. Think of content as ammunition. You can’t win against competitors without a solid supply of ammo. From blog posts, we will designed infographics and images, to website content, KB Works can write, build, design and develop your content marketing strategy from start to finish.

How do we determine what content to create for you? We research your leading competitors and find any gaps of information and opportunities for new ideas, explore what content pieces have worked best for them and building upon it, collaborate with leading experts in your industry to find even more new content ideas, and create a stockpile of compelling content that, when combined with an effective SEO, social media, and digital marketing strategy, will be distributed strategically in your target channels at precise moments for maximum engagement.

It’s not enough to email your audience with specials and fine tune your website with on-page SEO. You need a steady supply and hefty bit of valuable and informative content to drive users to your site from your various social media channels. KB Work’s team of experienced and highly analytical digital marketers are waiting to kick off your next content marketing campaign.

Our content marketing strategy deliverables:

  • New, innovative, and valuable copywriting and content related to your business and industry
  • Social media content scheduling calendar for maximum engagement
  • eBooks, White papers, Infographics, etc
  • Email templates and content
  • Blog posts
  • And more.

Let’s help you create some valuable content and drive traffic to your business.


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