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Your users are not usually concerned about the technology or the platform that power the app they are using. Most people are concerned and affected by how the app looks and what it can do, therefore the user experience and user interface is one of the the most important aspects of any mobile app.

What’s the difference between hybrid app development and other kinds of app development?


Native built mobile apps are built for a specific platforms with proprietary SDK’s and programming languages, usually for iOS or Android. Mobile web apps are server-side apps built with any server-side technology like PHP, Node.js, and ASP.NET that render web pages specifically targeted to be viewed on a mobile device.

Hybrid app development, like native apps, run on the device, and are written with web technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Hybrid apps run inside a native container, and leverage the device’s browser to render the HTML and process the JavaScript quicker. A web-to-native connection layer enables access to device capabilities that are not accessible in mobile web applications, such as the accelerometer, camera and local storage. Simply, hybrid apps combine both native and web technologies and provide powerful and similar user experiences to both.

Perks of hybrid apps:


A hybrid app is a good idea for you if you:

  • Want to target multiple mobile platforms with one codebase to maintain
  • Want to take advantage of native mobile device capabilities like geolocation, accelerometer or the camera
  • Want the app to be useable when the device is offline
  • Don’t need the advanced graphics performance that you can only get from a native app.

Our hybrid mobile application design and development deliverables:

  • Well documented and guided source code and source files
  • Graphical Assets like logos and UI elements
  • App Store deployment and management
  • Latest mobile application development standards
  • Xamarin, Ionic, PhoneGap, and other frameworks supported
  • And more.

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