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Conversion Rate Optimization

Many small changes could add up to big results.


Suppose I’m a new visitor on your website and see that you included a phone number and email address to contact you for your services. Why should I? What value will you bring to me and my business? How do I know you’re good at what you do? Who can vouch for your past work?

Every day potential buyers are looking for your services online. Whether you entice them enough to buy or contact you is dependent on the offers you describe, the testimonials you include, the validation you display, and the quality of the content that you have. Conversion rate optimization is the art of identifying these improvement opportunities and capitalizing on them.

Clients we help usually have one of two problems. The first problem is not enough traffic to their site. They’ve tried many time to attract attention to their site by spending lots of money on ads. The second problem is not enough sales. Most companies acknowledge their problem and make significant investments of time and cash to deal with it. More often than not, they often overlook conversion rate optimization.

If you have 500 site visits per day and you manage to convert 2%, you get 10 leads / sales per day. If your goal is to increase to 20 leads / sales per day instead,  you can either increase traffic to 1000 visits per day or increase your conversion rate to 4%.  The latter is conversion rate optimization and it’s where we prefer to begin because it’s the more sustainable and effective way to do things.

Conversion rate optimization is the art of making website visitors take an action they aren’t convinced to take yet. Whether it’s giving your company a call, filling out a contact form, or submitting a quote for a product, when we enhance the content around a page we also make significant advances to our conversion rate. The small changes add up to big results.

At KB Works, we have a team dedicated to analyzing and enhancing conversion rate optimization for our clients.  We experiment with strategies, test them, and find out which strategies work best for you and your website visitors through rigorous A/B testing and content improvements.


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