UX Design and Analysis

KB Works will help you understand how users are engaging with your site and how we can improve your user experience.

Our process of developing a good user experience design involves measuring the interactions between past user’s engagement with your site and implementing new ways to better optimize your user experience. As one of the best web agencies in New York City, we put our client’s websites under rigorous A/B testing, heat mapping and marketing research to analyze user experience (often referred to as UX).  The analysis of the user often leads us to changes in the design or user interface.  When we improve the user interface of a website, application or email in order to maximize user engagement, this is called user interface design or UI design.  Analyzing user experience leads to design changes that can engage visitors to increase session duration, pages per session, page stay and ultimately online lead generation and lead conversion.

Through A / B testing, or testing out various version of the same page with slight design differences (comparing version “A” of the site with version “B” to see which version performs best),  heat mapping, and other analytical tools agencies like ours can measure how a user interacts with a website.  We can detect which on-page web elements make users spend more time on the page, and what is causing them to leave.  Heat mapping is another user experience measurement technique that shows where a visitor’s eye is going on your site by tracking the mouse location. It is a known inference that a user’s mouse movement tends to mirror his or her eye movement as well.  These types of user experience analysis and measurement tools, as well as others, are incredibly informative and more importantly, highly actionable.

Once we have this user experience analysis our UX/UI team can start making tweaks to your user interface — tweaks that will keep users on the page longer, give them a better, more enjoyable experience, and ultimately drive them to conversion and doing what we call in the business conversion rate optimization or CRO.

Even if you dont yet have a website and are starting with no data, KB Works can work with you in getting a new website and implementing the best practices right off the bat.

User Experience Design and Analysis Deliverables:
  • A/B Testing (For both email and/or web)
  • Heat mapping technology implementation
  • Google Analytics integration and analysis
  • UX best practices
  • And more.
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A great user experience, one that is both visually appealing and high performing, trickles down and drastically affects all parts of your website: SEO, Conversions, Sales, and more. Take your website to the next level and talk to a KB Works expert today!


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