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We’ll maintain your website so that you can focus on other great things.

Researching how to create a great website, looking at past data for UI and conversion improvement opportunities, designing, and then finally developing a website is only half the tale. After all these things, comes the challenges and responsibility of keeping it all working and functioning properly through website maintenance. Sometimes updating a simple WordPress plugin from version 1.2 to 1.3 means most of your website breaking and no longer being compatible with the rest of your site. Sometimes you forget to backup your website and disaster strikes and you end up losing your web content. Finally, sometimes your web server runs out of memory and you need an upgrade. Let KB Works handle your web maintenance and keep an eye on these important things while you focus on improving and growing your business. With so much business being done online nowadays, it’s critical to make sure the lights are always on and that everything is functioning properly.

Don’t think anything bad will happen to you? Think again. Not to be ominous but even though you don’t have any ill-intent toward your own or another person’s website, not everyone shares your same sentiment. As more and more of the world becomes dependent on the internet and web services, malicious forces also grow and seek to find exploits in your website for personal profit or bragging rights. Keeping your website files secure and updated is key in also ensuring proper website security and web maintenance. At KB Works, we partner with top cyber-security experts and implement around the clock solutions to make sure your website is safe.

Website Maintenance Deliverables:
  • Routine, daily website backups
  • Custom front-end or graphical fixes
  • SEO improvements
  • WordPress theme and plugin maintenance
  • Database maintenance and management
  • Web security
  • And more!
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