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The act of marketing has evolved drastically and will continue to evolve as technology keeps changing and improving. Many new ways to do marketing and different nuances have arisen that significantly affect how both small and large businesses do their marketing and structure their marketing plan.  With all of the rapid changes happening in both the marketing and tech world, what marketing is could easily...

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If you manage your own social media, you’ve probably wondered where you should spend the bulk of your social media time.Instagram? Twitter? Facebook? Want to know the right answer? None of the above. Don't spend hours on Twitter and Facebook and instead opt to spend more time developing blog content. And not just any blog content, but quality content that delivers value to your community. You’ll...

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There are many things to think about as you start looking around for e-commerce site solutions, tips, and services that can help you. It’s also important to prepare yourself with plenty of research and data. The more time you invest into the research and planning, the more likely you will end up with an e-commerce site that will make sales and grow along with your...

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